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Felicia M.  Dyess, Five Element Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs
Mandarin Healing Center
(904) 240-5927
12627 San Jose Blvd., Suite 504
Jacksonville , FL 32223  United States
Amazing Knee Pain Relief
In Sept. 2009, I treated a 52 y.o. female patient who suffered from diabetes, extreme obesity, and severe low back and knee pain. The patient had been involved in 2 motor vehicle accidents which was the inital cause of her back and knee pain and caused her to walk assisted with a cane. After one session of acupuncture, that focused on overall strengthening as well as stimulation of the blood and qi in the knees, the patient was able to walk without a cane for 3 months. Due to the injuries of the patient and health history she is unable to work and has a very limited income. She is only able to come in for therapy every 1-3 months even though she really needs more consistent care. Still the patient is very grateful for the intermittent pain relief and sense of increased energy and well-being she receives whenever she is able to get acupuncture.
Back Pain Resolution
I treated a 62 y.o. man for back pain (around level 6) located just under his right shoulder blade using mainly Acupuncture therapy. The patient has a health history indicating he previously had a shingles outbreak in that same area of pain. The patient had been receiving deep tissue massage on a regular basis (which did not fully resolve the muscular back pain) prior to trying Acupuncture treatment.

After 6 sessions of Acupuncture therapy and application of two herbal patches, the patient reported that the pain had reduced to almost nonexistent levels. He was so impressed by his results that the patient continues to come in once a month for maintenance care and to de-stress and just to feel good overall.

Bussiness Hours: Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturday mornings - All By Appointment
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: Initial Comprehensive Session is $85 and subsequent sessions are $85; Initial phone consult for herbal treatment $75