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Alicia Morris, MT
Ojai Lymphatic Therapy Center
236 Ojai Avenue, Suite 104
Ojai, CA 93023 United States
Successful Change of Lifestyle Because of Multiple Symptoms
A female patient, age 59, arrived for treatment in 2011. She suffered from chronic asthma, high blood pressure, toe fungus and around 60 lbs of overweight.

Three treatment sessions (one per day for 90 minutes) were applied. There were composed of lymphatic treatment and Lymphstar technology. In addition, the patient started a herbal program (ayurvedic herbs to tone intestines and improve lymphatic function). Furthermore, the practitioner had given instructions for a cleansing diet as well as for breast exercise and hydration. Finally, a skin brushing program together with a detoxification bath for the whole body was prescribed. After one month two more sessions were implemented being two weeks apart.

As a result, the patient lost about 18 lbs. Her blood pressure decreased. The toe fungus was eliminated and the toe healed. In addition, emotional clearing could be observed and the asthma has become much less. The patient started exercising (40 minutes a day). Her skin color has become brighter. Overall, the patient feels a lot better. The result has been a complete change in her lifestyle.

Results: She lost about 18 lbs. Her blood pressure medication has been decreased. Her toe fungus was removed and the toe healed. Toe opened up and green stuff came out. Nail was removed and it could grow back. Emotional clearing. Her asthma is much better. She is able to exercise now (40min a day). Her skin color is brighter. Patient feels so much better. Lifestyle change.
Bussiness Hours: by appointment, Mo+We+Fri (9-6.30; Lunch Break: 12.30-2.30)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $100 per 90min session