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Susan Duve, DC, LAc
Duve Wellness Center
201 W. Queen Isabella Blvd
Port Isabel, TX 78578 United States
Successful Healing of Lumbar Spine Contusion
A male patient, age 56, had been diagnosed with lower back pain in April 2011. He suffered from a trauma as he had fallen down the stairs. It resulted in a contusion to his lower back. The patient got hit directly over the kidney area. He reported pain when coughing and sneezing. He had not experienced any relief over three weeks after the injury. The symptoms became worse when the patient was driving. To mitigate the pain, the patient had started to take Acetamin but wanted to discontinue the medication. He was looking for successful treatment.

A combined treatment program of only one session was applied. It consisted of full spine chiropractic adjustment (toe to head), trigger point therapy for the lower back as well as transverse friction therapy. It also included three herbal patches.

The patient was fully restored after one treatment session only. The pain had been eliminated completely. The patient felt much better. No maintenance has been needed ever since. The result sustained.
Successful Treatment of Muscle Strain and Rib Subluxation in Mid Back
A male patient, age 22, came for treatment in April 2011. He suffered from a strained muscle in the mid back area due to weight lifting (from an exercise with the 120lbs rowing machine). The pain had been identified as sharp including sharp pain when breathing in and moving in general.

A treatment of three sessions was applied. It was composed of chiropractic adjustments to relieve the rib and thoracic sublimation as well as herbal patches and physiotherapy of inter-segmental traction. In addition, ice and trigger point therapy (massage technique to relieve spasm in muscles) were used in combination with a somber cooling gel and infrasonic massage.

At the end of the treatment the symptoms had been completely resolved. No maintenance has been necessary ever since. The results sustained.
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Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $78 (for phone consultation); by arrangement (in-person)